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A timeline establishing publicly known 

movements and events.

10:00 AM


The girls sleep in because they had been up late. Libby's father, Derrick, makes them pancakes for breakfast. [42] 

Derrick leaves to go take photos for Becky's business. [43]

Libby's grandmother, Becky, makes a deal with the girls. She says if the girls help with her filing work, she'll give them some spending money and maybe later on that day she'll take them out shopping to go spend the money they just earned. The girls happily help with Becky's filing. [47] 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Liberty German (14 years old) and Abigail Williams (13 years old) decide to have a sleepover at Liberty’s house knowing that they did not have school the next day (Liberty's grandparents' house). [3]

There was no school on Monday due to snow days being built into the school schedule but the winter being too mild that year for the snow days to get used. [67] 

The girls do typical sleepover activities and Liberty's older sister Kelsi joins in. Kelsi said they all “had a movie night and ate pizza.” [4]


Abigail (called Abby) and Liberty (called Libby) stay up late. They paint a sign that says "Chocolate" and take videos of each other just being goofy.  [29] 

Monday, February 13, 2017

12:00 PM


A suspicious vehicle is parked at the abandoned CPS/DCS building on the eastside of county road 300 North next to the Hoosier Heartland highway.

1:00 PM


The girls ask Liberty’s grandmother Becky if they could go to the Monon High Bridge trail, Becky says yes, but only if they were able to arrange for a ride there and a ride back. [5]

The trail is considered to be a hangout for local teens their age. The girls were familiar with the Monon Bridge and Libby would often visit the trail with her older sister to take photos. [6]

The girls then ask Liberty’s older sister Kelsi to drive them. [7] Kelsi says she can drive them there, but she cannot drive them back because she had plans to go to a friends house and then work. [8]

Liberty called and asked her dad, Derrick if he could give them a ride back from the trail since Kelsi was unavailable. Derrick agrees to be their ride back from the trail. He said he would pick up them once he was done taking photos for Becky's appraisal business. He estimated that he would be done with this photography work in Frankfurt in 2 hours. [9]

There was no set time for the girls to return to their meeting point, the plan was that Derrick would call or text them on his drive when he was close to arriving and they would return to the trailhead to be picked up. The approximate time of when they might expect him to be there would be 3:00-3:30pm.

1:30 PM


Kelsi picks up girls to take them to the bridge.

1:38 PM

Phone records indicate Kelsi's boyfriend calls her at 1: 38 PM. Kelsi remembers already being on the phone with him when she dropped the girls off. [48] Meaning the drop off could not have been any earlier than 1:38 PM.

Around this time, Libby calls and asks her dad, Derrick if he could give them a ride back. [16] Derrick agrees to be their ride back from the trail. [46]


Derrick says he will pick up them once he is done taking photos for Becky's business. [9]

There was no set time for the girls to be picked up. [9] Derrick said he would call or text them once he was getting close to arriving and then they'd return to the trail head. [59]