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Descriptions of the victims, their lives

and their families.



Liberty was born on Dec. 27, 2002, in Lafayette, Indiana, to Derrick A. German and Carrie (Hillenberg) German Timmons. [2]  She was an 8th grade student at Delphi Community Middle School. Libby enjoyed playing volleyball, softball, soccer and swimming. Liberty played alto saxophone in the school band. She excelled in academics and was preparing for the Academic Bowl in the High Ability class at her middle school. [2]


Liberty was in the primary care of her paternal grandparents, Mike and Becky Patty. She has four siblings, Kelsi German and Glenna Myers, both of Delphi and Alexis Timmons and Hayden Timmons, both of Harrodsburg, Kentucky. [2] 

Libby would use sticky notes to leave messages of encouragement for others. “She left me a note one day in my sun visor,” said Becky. “’I love you. Thank you for all you do for me and Kelsi.’” [4]

And she wrote a sticky note for her sixth grade band teacher saying: “Band is Awesome.” [4] 

“She called me one day,” Mike said. “I had given her some money for some item at school or a function, probably a $10 bill. She called me up and said ‘Grandpa, with the change can I give it to somebody else? There is somebody who needs something.’ So, that’s the way she worked. It’s the way she operated.” [4] 

Libby Note_1493231410582_58885779_ver1.0



Abby was born June 23, 2003, in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, to her mother Anna M. Williams. [1] Abby was an 8th grader at Delphi Community Middle School, where she played alto saxophone in the school band and was on the volleyball team. [1]  She enjoyed crafting and art, such as photography and painting. [3] Abby was excited to join the same softball team as Libby for the first time that coming summer. [3]

There are memories behind every photo we've seen. The most used photo of Abby (see right photo) shows her donning a polka dot hat. 

“That was actually at my cousin’s bridal shower and their theme was the Kentucky Derby,” Anna remembers. “We actually made those hats. She helped me make that hat, we picked it out.” [11] 


Bongo the cat

Source:  RTV-6 Video

Abby loved all animals. When Abby found a stray cat she had to convince her mom, who was allergic, into letting her keep it . [5] Once Abby finally won her over, she named the cat Bongo. [5] 

Abby loved to camp and swim, and being outdoors in general. She liked riding ATVs with her family on camping trips to Michigan.  [1] 



"A man's dying is more his survivor's affair than his own."  -Thomas Mann

The families of Abby and Libby, in particular, Mike, Becky, Anna and Kelsi, have been very actively media campaigning to keep the spotlight on this case. They have appeared on the Dr. Phil show, RTV6 segments, at CrimeCon with Ashleigh Banfield and Nancy Grace, & spoken to various podcasts. 


“Nine months ago you had just eaten pancakes and was out there helping me in the office. I am so sorry I ever said yes to let you go to the trails that day. I let you down. That is something I will carry forever. I am so sorry Kelsi is going through this, it kills me seeing her in pain.”

-Becky Patty

Libby's grandmother [9]

For weeks, I tore myself down. Contemplating how I should have been with her. I told myself I could have saved them. I may not have made it, but at least my sister might be here. I wouldn’t be hurting.

“I was in denial for a long time,I kept telling myself that it wasn’t real and that Libby would be walking through my bedroom door any minute to tell me about her day.”

-Kelsi German

Libby's sister [7]

Every day my goal is to get up, get dressed and go to work and just keep moving. She was my one and only... There's a lot of things that we aren't going to have anymore, there isn't going to be a prom. There aren't going to be weddings, college - those things that you just think you're going to be having.

-Anna Williams

Abby's mother [10] 

“She called early in the week and said ‘Grandpa, I’m all signed up for the girls’ softball. I’d like you to come down and take me shopping for a glove and a bat and shoes...We got back to the hotel and we played catch out in the parking lot with her new glove,then we went to the park and I got to pitch to her – hit some flies – the whole grandpa thing...That’s how we left it. She was so excited to be on a team with Libby.”

“I always talk about her as being my granddaughter and kind of my best friend, we done everything together."

-Clif Williams

Abby's grandfather [6] [8]




Anyone with information about this case is encouraged to send tips to this email address:

Email is the preferred way to send tips to help solve this crime. Information sent by email is kept confidential and is only shared with investigators.

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