Outline of the publicly known





The Condo

Jennifer's condo was located on Conroy Rd near a mall called Millenia. Jennifer had only just purchased the unit a few months before her dissapearance. 

The Condo Complex

                     3955 CONROY RD.
                     ORLANDO, FL 32839

Above is gallery showing the Mosaic throughout the years for the purpose of showing the complex's layout. Some photos are taken significantly after Jennifer's disappearance. 


Mosaic at Millenia, the condo complex, has a description on their website reading: 

Mosaic at Millenia is a luxury condo community in beautiful Southwest Orlando with options to purchase or rent. This guard-gated community offers spectacular amenities including a state-of-the-art clubhouse which includes: resort-style pool, movie theater, fitness center, business center and billiards. Mosaic at Millenia offers true care-free living and with 24 hour security, residents feel completely at peace.

Centrally located near Downtown Orlando and Theme Parks, the location can’t be beat. Not to mention, a near endless variety of shopping, dining and entertainment options right at your doorstep. Mall at Millenia is just .5 miles away, making it a short walk to major department stores, restaurants and more.

With many different layouts and square footage options, there’s certainly a fit for both big and small families. Sizes range from a 1 bedroom/1 bath at 648 square feet all the way up to a 3 bedroom/2 bath at 1,478 square feet. These luxury condos are privately owned and there are options for both lease and purchase. [74]


Jennifer's Condo

For the purposes of showing the layout, below are photos of Jennifer's actual unit from it's realtor.com listing years after the event.

                     APARTMENT 2226

Of the 447 units in Jennifer’s complex, only 250 were occupied at the time of her disappearance. [70] There was extensive remodeling going on, including some work in Jennifer’s own unit. [70]


Drew Kesse has said that a full set of keys to everyone’s unit at Mosaic had previously been stolen. He also says that a key making machine with a box full of blanks was out in plain sight in the condo office. Jennifer and her dad had decided to change the locks prior to her disappearance but she delayed the actual changing of them due to being too busy. She intended to get them changed as soon as she felt settled in. [54] Her dad advised her to stick a chair under the door knob handle at night and she told him that she started doing that every night. [57]


Another woman who lived in Mosaic at Millenia at the time recounts a time when she heard someone trying to get in her unit with a key but a deadbolt prevented them. She later found out that a Miami realtor had been trying to show her unit to prospective buyers and had given her no notice at all. [60]

Scroll through the map below to see all the evidence found within the condo.


The Car

Thursday, January 26, 2006 a resident of Huntington on the Green the condominium complex notified Orlando police of a vehicle parked in the visitor parking spot. Orlando police determined this vehicle was Jennifer Kesse's. 

Jennifer's mother Joyce described Jennifer's habits when getting in a car,



“Jennifer, creature of habit, would get in a car, take her elbow [and with it] lock the car door button, put her seat belt on… Well as the creature of habit, in doing that she would  also look around her car.” [26]

MODEL:             2004 CHEVROLET MALIBU
                           BLACK 4 DOOR



The inside of Jennifer’s car provided more frustration for investigators and her family: there was no sign of a struggle, no blood, no identifiable fingerprints except for Jennifer’s.



Images of evidence found within the car is taken from a video in which police show crime scene photos to the camera. 

But there was one item found that bothered detectives: a DVD player. That DVD player hadn’t been stolen. Asked what that tells him, Sgt. Brennan says, ‘It didn’t appear that it was a robbery. Didn’t appear that it was a car theft. It didn’t appear that it was a carjacking.’



Two pairs of flip flop sandals can be seen at the bottom of the front passenger side of the car. The darker of the two appears to be the same ones Jennifer can be seen wearing in photos of her in St. Croix with Rob. Her family has said she was in the habit of wearing flip flops in the parking lot to walk between her condo and her car so the pavement would not scuff her dress heels she wore for work. 





The inside of Jennifer’s car provided more frustration for investigators and her family: there was no sign of a struggle, no blood, no identifiable fingerprints except for Jennifer’s.



Foreign partial DNA, not enough DNA for a profile or enough to be entered into a CODIS database search. [62]


Items Missing 

The items missing from Jennifer's condo and car so presumably they were with Jennifer during the time of her disappearance. 





Jennifer's Ipod 

Serial Number: CNH5323G6J      [44]



Her contacts were missing from the contact lens case in her condo bathroom. [23] Presumably Jennifer was wearing them at the time. 



Jennifer's work briefcase [65]



The purse that Jennifer was believed to be carrying at the time of her disappearance. Jennifer's parents show an image of this purse on jenniferkesse.com 



The phone Travis forgot at her condo, a Nextel cell phone.

Serial Number: 00080850757310   [4]



Jennifer's wallet with her Florida driver’s license. [44]



Verizon LG cell phone 

Serial Number: 39-02071456 [44]

A cell phone can be seen in photos of Jennifer but whether or not it was the phone she was using at the time of her disappearance is unknown.



Jennifer's mom recounts how Jennifer had just gotten some new Nine West brown alligator heels that she was excited to wear. [50]


And of note, the clothing options laid out on her bed were shades beige said to match these shoes. [50] 

Jennifer's keys. [44]

Note: Jennifer's broken mailbox key was found inside the vehicle. But her normal set of keys are missing. 


Video of Person of Interest

After Orlando police located Jennifer's vehicle at Huntington on the Green, officers reviewed surveillance footage of the parking lot where it was found. 


The surveillance footage showed that the car had been driven into the lot, parked and an unknown person exited the vehicle at noon of January 24, 2006, the same day as her disappearance. Noon is less than five hours after the time when Jennifer would normally exit her condo to walk to her car. 

Orlando police have chosen to refer to this individual as a "person of interest" (often shortened to POI) and not as a suspect.

The Car Dump Location

                     5176 DOWNING ST
                     ORLANDO, FL 32839

Huntington on the Green, where the car was left, is 1.2 miles away from Jennifer's condo. Realtor.com listings describe the Huntington as:


The community of Huntington on the Green features a clubhouse, pool & spa, playground for the little ones, and two tennis courts. Conveniently located; near major roads, shopping, transportation, and the Millenia Mall.

The Video



Note: The displayed timestamps are not accurate due to an issue with the camera.

The cameras took stills every 3 seconds instead of a continuous video. [36] Frustratingly a metal fence bar happened to be obscuring the POI's face during each still taken. 



The POI waits 32 seconds inside the vehicle before exiting it and walking away. [15] 

Some have speculated that the POI wiped down the interior of the car with a cloth during this time due to the fact that only one latent partial handprint was found within the car. 



The height approximations made by the FBI based on the video are are 5’3” to 5’5”. [81] 



The POI does not attempt to conceal their face and it is only happenstance that a fence bar is concealing it every 3 seconds. 



The POI is seen walking south.




The security camera was located on the roof of the pool house. [49]



There is an alternate exit path (shown above) south out of the parking lot that is more concealed, in less view of people and cars and does not pass security cameras that the POI did not choose to take. This path is less obvious to a casual observer but someone familiar with Huntington would know of it. [52]



The security cameras were approximately 30 years old, according to Drew. [35] The FBI found that the video tapes used with the security cameras were being constantly wiped and reused by the complex and subsequently the video quality degraded leading to almost all colored clothing to appear white. [51]

To illustrate this point, on the right side is two images of the same church burglar. Both images were taken of him on the same day, in the same burglary, just by different types of surveillance cameras. In one of the cameras, his red clothing shows up white and the differing tones of red seem much closer in hue.


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