A timeline establishing publicly known 

movements and events.



Friday, January 20, 2006

Jennifer’s brother Logan uses her condo as a place to stay while she is away traveling. Logan invites over some friends to the condo. One of whom is Travis (Logan's best friend) and Matt (Logan's friend and Jennifer's ex boyfriend). [76] 


Logan and friends arrive at her condo and stay the weekend. [76] 

During this time Logan’s friend Travis accidentally leaves his cell phone at Jennifer’s condo.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Jennifer and Rob’s flight back from St. Croix is cancelled by the airline and they get a new flight from St. Croix to Miami for the next day. [25]

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Jennifer and Rob fly from St. Croix back to Miami. [18]

A friend of theirs drives them from Miami airport back to Rob’s place in Ft. Lauderdale. Jennifer sleeps over at Rob’s place. [25] 

Monday, January 23, 2006


6:00 AM

Jennifer leaves Rob’s place in Ft. Lauderdale and drives in her car directly to her work at Westgate Resorts in Ocoee. [6] [66]

9:00 AM

Jennifer arrived at work at Westgate Resorts. [18]

6:00 PM

At the end of the workday she has a meeting with her boss after which they walked out to the parking lot and said goodnight to each other before getting in their cars. [18]


A toll booth on her normal route home records that she drives through. [19]


Jenn arrives back at her condo. She calls her parents and Logan, her brother to tell them about her trip to St. Croix. They say she seems happy.  [20]


Logan tells her that his friend Travis left his cell phone at her condo over the weekend. [78]


Jennifer says she’ll mail Travis’s cell phone from her work mailroom tomorrow because there was a UPS and FedEx on site at the work. [22]

She calls Travis and arranges the details of how she’ll mail him his cellphone.


Jennifer also calls a few good friends and tells them about her trip. [20] Jennifer seems to be in "a funky mood" due to the vacation ending and the long distance with Rob getting to her, according to her best friend Lauren.  [79]

9:57  PM

The last call on record was to Rob, her boyfriend at exactly 9:57 pm. [21] [11]


Jennifer calls Rob from her condo landline because her condo gets bad reception everywhere except the balcony. According to Rob, Jennifer was tired from her trip and laying in bed when they were on the phone. [71]

Rob says they had a disagreement on the call but describes it as normal one, “like any husband wife, boyfriend girlfriend, any couple might have.” [80]


Drew Kesse says that during this call with Rob, Jennifer said she heard a knock on her door and she believed that it was a male upstairs neighbor. She didn’t answer the door. [58]


Drew Kesse says Jennifer’s ex-boyfriend/Logan’s friend Matt was seen out at the Blue Martini bar this night and he was drunk. The Blue Martini is somewhat close to Jennifer’s condo.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

7:17 AM

Predicted time of sunrise in Orlando for this day in 2006. [77] 

8:00 AM

According to her mother, this is approximately the normal time Jennifer would have left her condo, walked out to her car in the parking lot and began to drive to work. Her mother says Jennifer was in the habit of calling Rob right when she got in her car. [7]

In other places such as her parents narrow this time down further to “usually around 7:30-7:45 each workday”. [13]  Joyce Kesse says that no one in the ground floor condos near where Jennifer’s car was parked heard a scream or disturbance that morning. [48]


Rob was running late and at sometime in the morning calls Jennifer. Rob just got her voicemail, it is unclear if this call went straight to voicemail or rang until it went to voicemail.

“Jennifer always woke up before me. She had to go to work before I did… she every day would either call me just to say, Good morning, Have a great day, or just text me to wish me to, you know, have a great day, Love you, that type of thing. And when I didn’t receive it Tuesday morning, I thought it was odd, but I was running a little late for work, so I called her on the way into work and just (got) her voice- mail.”

-Rob, in an interview with CNN [1]

9:00 AM

Rob is in a meeting at work and cannot call Jennifer again to check on her. [2]


After his meeting Rob calls Jennifer again and gets her voicemail a second time. [3]

11:00 AM

Jennifer was expected at a morning meeting at Westgate and because she had not shown up for the meeting, [30]  Jennifer’s workplace Westgate Resorts calls her cellphone and condo landline.


Jennifer’s dad Drew was friends with the CFO at Westgate and because of this, the CFO personally calls and asks Drew if Jennifer was ok. Drew says he’ll call her and get back to him. [28] Drew’s call doesn’t ring on Jennifer’s cellphone at all, instead it goes straight to voicemail. [29]


After also receiving a call from Westgate, Jennifer’s mother Joyce attempts to call Jennifer’s condo landline and her cellphone and through her computer, but she can't reach her either [12]


Jennifer’s parents call Jennifer’s boyfriend Rob and notify him that Jennifer didn’t show up for work and they can’t reach her. [4]

12:00 PM

A person of interest (POI) is seen on security camera at Huntington on the Green driving Jennifer’s car up to a visitor parking spot, they then sit in the car for 32 seconds after parking it and then get out and walk away from the car. [15] Frustratingly the face of the person of interest happens to be blocked in each frame from the security footage. A bloodhound later tracked a scent from the car parked at Huntington back to Mosaic at Millenia, which some may say suggests the POI walked back to Mosaic after dumping the car at Huntington.  [43]

Jennifer Kesse Person of Interest

Jennifer Kesse Person of Interest

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Jennifer’s parents and brother Logan (who brings his friend Travis) separately leave Bradenton, FL to drive to Orlando look for Jennifer, a 2 hour drive


On the drive down Drew calls the condo management office and asked if they could check to see if Jennifer’s car was parked in her spot. They went down and said no Jennifer’s car was no parked in her parking space. [31]

Drew then asks the manager to go into her condo to check on her. The manager says they cannot enter her condo without someone else present with them. At Drew’s request the manager takes 5-10 minutes to find another employee to go with them and then together they enter her unit. They stay on the line with Drew when in the unit and tell him things do not look disturbed and that no one is in the unit. [33]

On the drive down, Drew and Joyce also call friends of Jennifers to ask if they know anything. [32] They eventually end up calling hospitals and jails. [32]

3:00 PM

Drew Kesse said in an interview with Inside Crime podcast that they arrived around 1:00 pm. [34]  Joyce Kesse said in an interview with Unconcluded podcast that Logan and Travis arrived at 3:00 pm and her and Drew arrived fifteen minutes later at 3:15 pm. [24] This sort of discrepancy is fairly normal but clearing this time up would be helpful as it possibly relates to later evidence.


Jennifer’s brother Logan and his friend Travis arrive at Mosaic at Millenia. [24]

Jennifer’s parents Joyce and Drew arrive at Mosaic at Millenia [24]


Logan starts knocking and trying every door in the complex looking for Jennifer. One unit directly across from Jennifer’s is still unfinished and unlocked. It should be noted that this unit however showed no hits when scent dogs were brought in. [40]

4:30 PM

On the corners in Orlando passing out flyers of Jennifer’s face and a telephone number which to call if you have seen her.  [38]

9:00 PM

Officers arrive at Jennifer’s condo to find 14 people inside as her family has been using it as a base of operations. [39]

Thursday, January 26, 2006

8:06 AM

A resident of Huntington on the Green reports to Orlando police that they have located Jennifer's car, according to Sargent Barbara Jones. [73] 

8:10 AM

Jennifer’s car is recovered from Huntington on the Green by law enforcement. [42]

Residents at the complex stated the car had been parked in the lot for several days.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Jennifer Kesse moves into a condo she bought directly across from Mall at Millenia in a complex called Mosaic at Millenia in Orlando. [8]  

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jennifer drives from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale (3 hour drive) to boyfriend Rob’s place. [75] 

Thursday, January 19, 2006

In the morning, Jennifer and Rob fly to St. Croix to vacation along with a friend and that friend’s family. [75] 


Jennifer leaves her car at Rob’s place. [27]


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28. The next morning, I guess it was approximately 10:30, 11 o clock in the morning, Joyce as well as myself, we both got alternative calls from, Jennifer worked at a company that , at that company also was a friend of mine who is the CFO there and he called myself at about 11 o clock in the morning on January 24, 2006 and asked if everything was ok with Jennifer and I said "well sure why?" And he said"well she didn't show up to work today" and I said "well, she'll answer my call no matter what". And I said well let me call her and I'll be right back in touch with ya. And so I hung up the phone with him and I immediately called her.” - Drew Kesse, Timestamp 9:40, Inside Crime Podcast Episode One

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  - Drew Kesse, Timestamp 12:20, 

Inside Crime Podcast Episode One

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40. “When Logan got on her property he started banging on every single door in the complex and the only door that was unlocked was the condo door right across from Jennifer’s. They’ve had dogs in there and they say there's no hits in there or anything.”  - Drew Kesse, Timestamp 25:00, Inside Crime Podcast Episode One

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43. “Orange County sheriff's bloodhound Bo took a sniff of the driver's seat and pulled handler Sgt. Jeff Brown at a loping pace for a mile.The scent led straight to the front door of Kesse's home in Mosaic at Millenia…. The trail bypassed the complex's only entrance and led to a stretch of fence separating the public sidewalk from its private grounds. Once the 6-year-old bloodhound entered the grounds, the dog picked up the scent inside the fence and went directly to a staircase leading to Kesse's second-floor condominium.”

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50. “We all know the shoes that she was wearing the day she was abducted and I know it's going to sound strange but she was really proud that she had just gotten these Nine west alligator pumps and they weren’t in her closet. And the outfits that she had left on her bed were tones of beiges that she would have worn brown shoes with” - Joyce Kesse, Timestamp 9:20, Unconcluded Podcast Episode 3: Person of Interest

51. “What the FBI had found out was that video tape had been used, reused, reused, multiple times taped over. the camera sat in the sun on the top of the clubhouse. Everyone’s clothing showed up as white, off white, so that’s kinda interesting.. ” - Joyce Kesse, Timestamp 15:00, Unconcluded Podcast Episode 3: Person of Interest

52. “There is a sidewalk directly in front of her car, this sidewalk lead behind the pool, through a couple of different buildings and out to the road, Americana boulevard that the suspect did later use to walk back to Mosaic. This route would have been shorter, more concealed, not in front of the security cameras and just a better decision for the suspect. But instead they chose to walk out around the pool where there were video cameras, where there more people and where there were cars. Why would they do this? The only thing that makes sense to me is that this person was not familiar at all with the Huntington on the Green.”- Sean a podcast host who personally visited Huntington on the Green, Timestamp 27:00, Unconcluded Podcast Episode 3: Person of Interest

53. “No she didn't have the alarm code, it did have an alarm system but jennifer didn't have the alarm code. One of the things that people don't realize is that in her condo complex, on the wall that you would put your bed there was an emergency like call bell so that like if something happened in the middle of the night you could you know pull the cord and it would activate to 911. And the police would come out. That was never pulled.” - Joyce Kesse, Timestamp 5:50, Unconcluded Podcast Episode 6: Sidebar

54. “First off it was a known fact that a full set of keys to everyone’s condos in that building was stolen. The condo office had a key making machine right in plain sight with a full box of blank keys right next to it everyday of the week. There were I think two or three women that had the same problem that Jennifer had, people following them- even to the extent, even more than Jennifer honestly- very afraid within their own complex.” Goes on to talk about how when he found out about the key situation he told her to replace her locks, she agreed she would replace the locks but she wanted to just get everything set up first,  “just let me get everything done and then I’ll get it done. I’m like I want them up Jenn, I want them up. And we didn’t get them up.” -Drew Kesse, Timestamp 6:20, Unconcluded Podcast Episode 24: Unit 2226

55. “One thing people should know is there was a rape button behind the headboard, an emergency rape button in her unit and it was not used. But that was there in case something happened in the confines of her bed, if she could get to it.” -Drew Kesse, Timestamp 7:40, Unconcluded Podcast Episode 24: Unit 2226

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57. “I always told Jennifer that you stick your chair underneath the door handle and they can’t get in, it's so hard to get through that. And she did it! She did it, she told me every night she did it.” -Drew Kesse, Timestamp 8:30, Unconcluded Podcast

Episode 24: Unit 2226

58. “Now there was a knock on her door that Monday night and she believed it was her neighbor upstairs, it was a guy, she didn’t answer it”  -Drew Kesse, Timestamp 9:00, Unconcluded Podcast Episode 24: Unit 2226

59. “Next door to her..., now we lived in her condo eight months after she was taken, it probably wasn’t more than a month, two months that we were living there before we became aware that she had a pedofile living next to her. I’m like ‘there's nobody living in that apartment’, well yeah theres a pedofile in that apartment and when the detectives interviewed that pedofile that following morning what was their response? ‘Oh yeah, he was so stoned he doesn’t know anything.’ He’s dead now. He moved away to Texas and he’s dead. He died.” -Drew Kesse, Timestamp 9:19, Unconcluded Podcast Episode 24: Unit 2226

60. “In the middle of the night one night we heard someone trying to get in the unit with the key, we had the deadbolt on so they could not get in with the key.. I noticed like a suburban or a navigator or some sort of big vehicle at the gate with a gentleman and a girl, the girl was not Jennifer, and I asked the security person who they were, what was going on, and it’s a little vague about that night, I can’t remember the rest of what the security person said, we didn’t want to get involved, we didn’t understand what was going on, we went back to unit, got up the next day and .. asked the sales manager regarding why would someone have a key to that unit, why were they trying to get in? And he said that there were investors and realtors from the Miami area that came down to show the unit and had access to the unit and that he was sorry that we were in the unit at the time.” -Lady who lived in the same complex, Timestamp 14:26, Unconcluded Podcast Episode 24: Unit 2226

61. “They came across a latent fingerprint that is not showing up anywhere and they came across a minuscule piece of thread DNA or material DNA or something like that, that they said they really can’t use unless they really get to a certain point and I say we’re really at that point.” -Drew Kesse, Timestamp 26:00, Inside Crime Podcast Episode One

62. VELEZ-MITCHELL: So you have no DNA from the car? WRIGHT: At this time we don`t have -- the DNA that we have is not enough for a profile at this time. However, with scientific advancements, you never know, so we hold on to all the evidence that we pull out of the car. CNN Transcript

63. “The bed was unmade, she had like 2 skirts and a pair of slacks on the bed like she couldn’t figure out what to wear. But these” Joyce Kesse points to chair at a desk in Jennifer’s bedroom “are the clothes she wore to work monday. And we’ve not disturbed them … And that's where she left them.” - Joyce Kesse, Timestamp 0:05, Greta Investigates: The Mysterious Disappearance of Jennifer Kesse 

64. “Wet towel on her washing machine in another room.” - Drew Kesse, Timestamp 0:20, Greta Investigates: The Mysterious Disappearance of Jennifer Kesse 

65. "Her purse and her briefcase were not in the condo." - Jennifer Kesse,

Fox News article Will Prison Playing Cards Help Locate Jennifer Kesse? 

66. “She’d left my house at six Monday morning and then drove straight to Orlando and had a full day at work,” Rob. CBS News article Stolen Beauty

67. “Clean apartment. Shower was wet. Blow dryer out. Clothes on her bed. Other than that, the apartment was completely normal.” -Logan Kesse, CBS News article Stolen Beauty

68.“And since her door was locked and there were no signs of forced entry, a good deduction would be that she did make it at least out the door.” - Orlando homicide Detective Joel Wright, CBS News article Stolen Beauty

69. “The inside of Jennifer’s car provided more frustration for investigators and her family: there was no sign of a struggle, no blood, no identifiable fingerprints except for Jennifer’s. But there was one item found that bothered detectives: a DVD player. That DVD player hadn’t been stolen. Asked what that tells him, Sgt. Brennan says, “It didn’t appear that it was a robbery. Didn’t appear that it was a car theft. It didn’t appear that it was a carjacking.”Bloodhounds were called in to track any scent from Jennifer’s car. Brennan says one of those dogs essentially tracked back to her complex.” CBS News article Stolen Beauty

70. “Detectives discovered there was extensive remodeling going on, including some work in Jennifer’s own unit, and Jennifer had complained to her family that some of the workers were making her feel uncomfortable. Asked what she said, Joyce says, “They would stop and stare. …Leering stares is what she would say.” “Were these guys mostly day workers?” Van Sant asks. “It was large groups of crews that had traveled together. And many of them were staying right there in several of the units in the complex itself,” Wright says. In fact,of the 447 units in Jennifer’s complex, only 250 were occupied at the time, and workers were allowed to live in the empty units. But Brennan says tracing these people is “extremely difficult.” Police could not search all of the units in Jennifer’s complex because many were privately owned. They also couldn’t count on getting any reliable forensic evidence from Jennifer’s condo. “Anywhere from a half dozen to two dozen people were in the condo over the course of the first 24 hours,” Brennan says, explaining that that contaminates the crime scene.”

CBS News article Stolen Beauty

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Podcast Creates New Interest In Woman's Disappearance 

72. "She was in bed.  She was tired from the vacation that we had just recently taken, had a long day at work." - Rob, CNN transcript 

73. "Thursday at around 8:06, when a resident of that condominium complex located her car. So that`s about a 58-hour window. We did obtain some video surveillance at the condominiums where her vehicle was found, and that surveillance video depicted a picture of a pedestrian, which we`re classifying as a person of interest. That video was taken on Wednesday the 24th at around 12:00 noon. So Monday at 10:00 PM until the following day at 12:00 noon is the time frame where we had that pedestrian, who is a person of interest in this case that we`re desperately trying to find out who that is, to see what they know about possibly the whereabouts of Jennifer Kesse." - Sargent Barabara Jones of Orlando Police,  CNN transcript 

73. "Thursday at around 8:06, when a resident of that condominium complex located her car. So that`s about a 58-hour window. We did obtain some video surveillance at the condominiums where her vehicle was found, and that surveillance video depicted a picture of a pedestrian, which we`re classifying as a person of interest. That video was taken on Wednesday the 24th at around 12:00 noon. So Monday at 10:00 PM until the following day at 12:00 noon is the timeframe where we had that pedestrian, who is a person of interest in this case that we`re desperately trying to find out who that is, to see what they know about possibly the whereabouts of Jennifer Kesse." - Sargent Barabara Jones of Orlando Police,  CNN transcript