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A timeline establishing publicly known 

movements and events.



Friday, January 20, 2006

Jennifer’s brother Logan uses her condo as a place to stay while she is away traveling. Logan invites over some friends to the condo. One of whom is Travis (Logan's best friend) and Matt (Logan's friend and Jennifer's ex boyfriend). [76] 


Logan and friends arrive at her condo and stay the weekend. [76] 

During this time Logan’s friend Travis accidentally leaves his cell phone at Jennifer’s condo.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Jennifer and Rob’s flight back from St. Croix is cancelled by the airline and they get a new flight from St. Croix to Miami for the next day. [25]

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Jennifer and Rob fly from St. Croix back to Miami. [18]

A friend of theirs drives them from Miami airport back to Rob’s place in Ft. Lauderdale. Jennifer sleeps over at Rob’s place. [25] 

Monday, January 23, 2006


6:00 AM

Jennifer leaves Rob’s place in Ft. Lauderdale and drives in her car directly to her work at Westgate Resorts in Ocoee. [6] [66]

9:00 AM

Jennifer arrived at work at Westgate Resorts. [18]

6:00 PM

At the end of the workday she has a meeting with her boss after which they walked out to the parking lot and said goodnight to each other before getting in their cars. [18]


A toll booth on her normal route home records that she drives through. [19]


Jenn arrives back at her condo. She calls her parents and Logan, her brother to tell them about her trip to St. Croix. They say she seems happy.  [20]


Logan tells her that his friend Travis left his cell phone at her condo over the weekend. [78]


Jennifer says she’ll mail Travis’s cell phone from her work mailroom tomorrow because there was a UPS and FedEx on site at the work. [22]

She calls Travis and arranges the details of how she’ll mail him his cellphone.


Jennifer also calls a few good friends and tells them about her trip. [20] Jennifer seems to be in "a funky mood" due to the vacation ending and the long distance with Rob getting to her, according to her best friend Lauren.  [79]

9:57  PM

The last call on record was to Rob, her boyfriend at exactly 9:57 pm. [21] [11]


Jennifer calls Rob from her condo landline because her condo gets bad reception everywhere except the balcony. According to Rob, Jennifer was tired from her trip and laying in bed when they were on the phone. [71]

Rob says they had a disagreement on the call but describes it as normal one, “like any husband wife, boyfriend girlfriend, any couple might have.” [80]


Drew Kesse says that during this call with Rob, Jennifer said she heard a knock on her door and she believed that it was a male upstairs neighbor. She didn’t answer the door. [58]


Drew Kesse says Jennifer’s ex-boyfriend/Logan’s friend Matt was seen out at the Blue Martini bar this night and he was drunk. The Blue Martini is somewhat close to Jennifer’s condo.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

7:17 AM

Predicted time of sunrise in Orlando for this day in 2006. [77] 

8:00 AM

According to her mother, this is approximately the normal time Jennifer would have left her condo, walked out to her car in the parking lot and began to drive to work. Her mother says Jennifer was in the habit of calling Rob right when she got in her car. [7]

In other places such as her parents narrow this time down further to “usually around 7:30-7:45 each workday”. [13]  Joyce Kesse says that no one in the ground floor condos near where Jennifer’s car was parked heard a scream or disturbance that morning. [48]


Rob was running late and at sometime in the morning calls Jennifer. Rob just got her voicemail, it is unclear if this call went straight to voicemail or rang until it went to voicemail.

“Jennifer always woke up before me. She had to go to work before I did… she every day would either call me just to say, Good morning, Have a great day, or just text me to wish me to, you know, have a great day, Love you, that type of thing. And when I didn’t receive it Tuesday morning, I thought it was odd, but I was running a little late for work, so I called her on the way into work and just (got) her voice- mail.”

-Rob, in an interview with CNN [1]

9:00 AM

Rob is in a meeting at work and cannot call Jennifer again to check on her. [2]


After his meeting Rob calls Jennifer again and gets her voicemail a second time. [3]

11:00 AM

Jennifer was expected at a morning meeting at Westgate and because she had not shown up for the meeting, [30]  Jennifer’s workplace Westgate Resorts calls her cellphone and condo landline.


Jennifer’s dad Drew was friends with the CFO at Westgate and because of this, the CFO personally calls and asks Drew if Jennifer was ok. Drew says he’ll call her and get back to him. [28] Drew’s call doesn’t ring on Jennifer’s cellphone at all, instead it goes straight to voicemail. [29]


After also receiving a call from Westgate, Jennifer’s mother Joyce attempts to call Jennifer’s condo landline and her cellphone and through her computer, but she can't reach her either [12]


Jennifer’s parents call Jennifer’s boyfriend Rob and notify him that Jennifer didn’t show up for work and they can’t reach her. [4]

12:00 PM

A person of interest (POI) is seen on security camera at Huntington on the Green driving Jennifer’s car up to a visitor parking spot, they then sit in the car for 32 seconds after parking it and then get out and walk away from the car. [15] Frustratingly the face of the person of interest happens to be blocked in each frame from the security footage. A bloodhound later tracked a scent from the car parked at Huntington back to Mosaic at Millenia, which some may say suggests the POI walked back to Mosaic after dumping the car at Huntington.  [43]

Jennifer Kesse Person of Interest

Jennifer Kesse Person of Interest

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Jennifer’s parents and brother Logan (who brings his friend Travis) separately leave Bradenton, FL to drive to Orlando look for Jennifer, a 2 hour drive


On the drive down Drew calls the condo management office and asked if they could check to see if Jennifer’s car was parked in her spot. They went down and said no Jennifer’s car was no parked in her parking space. [31]

Drew then asks the manager to go into her condo to check on her. The manager says they cannot enter her condo without someone else present with them. At Drew’s request the manager takes 5-10 minutes to find another employee to go with them and then together they enter her unit. They stay on the line with Drew when in the unit and tell him things do not look disturbed and that no one is in the unit. [33]

On the drive down, Drew and Joyce also call friends of Jennifers to ask if they know anything. [32] They eventually end up calling hospitals and jails. [32]

3:00 PM

Drew Kesse said in an interview with Inside Crime podcast that they arrived around 1:00 pm. [34]  Joyce Kesse said in an interview with Unconcluded podcast that Logan and Travis arrived at 3:00 pm and her and Drew arrived fifteen minutes later at 3:15 pm. [24] This sort of discrepancy is fairly normal but clearing this time up would be helpful as it possibly relates to later evidence.


Jennifer’s brother Logan and his friend Travis arrive at Mosaic at Millenia. [24]

Jennifer’s parents Joyce and Drew arrive at Mosaic at Millenia [24]


Logan starts knocking and trying every door in the complex looking for Jennifer. One unit directly across from Jennifer’s is still unfinished and unlocked. It should be noted that this unit however showed no hits when scent dogs were brought in. [40]

4:30 PM

On the corners in Orlando passing out flyers of Jennifer’s face and a telephone number which to call if you have seen her.  [38]

9:00 PM

Officers arrive at Jennifer’s condo to find 14 people inside as her family has been using it as a base of operations. [39]

Thursday, January 26, 2006

8:06 AM

A resident of Huntington on the Green reports to Orlando police that they have located Jennifer's car, according to Sargent Barbara Jones. [73] 

8:10 AM

Jennifer’s car is recovered from Huntington on the Green by law enforcement. [42]

Residents at the complex stated the car had been parked in the lot for several days.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Jennifer Kesse moves into a condo she bought directly across from Mall at Millenia in a complex called Mosaic at Millenia in Orlando. [8]  

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jennifer drives from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale (3 hour drive) to boyfriend Rob’s place. [75] 

Thursday, January 19, 2006

In the morning, Jennifer and Rob fly to St. Croix to vacation along with a friend and that friend’s family. [75] 


Jennifer leaves her car at Rob’s place. [27]